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Smoked Duck Bacon

Smoked Maple Duck Bacon

Smoked Duck Bacon brings a delicious sweet heat to your summer menu! Duck Breast is cured, glazed , smoked low and slow , sliced thinly then fried to create crispy duck bacon.

Pulled Duck Poutine with Duck Fat Fries

Duck Duck Poutine

Duck fat french-fries topped with juicy pulled duck meat, white cheddar cheese curds and duck fat gravy.

Duck Charcuterie

Duck Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie with a duck twist! Crispy Duck breast, Candied Duck Bacon, Duck Liver Mousse and Duck Cracklings that are perfect to pair with your favorite cheese and wine.

Rendered Duck Fat

Duck Fat Toast

Need a last minute appetizer for a party or gathering? Duck Fat toast is a fast and delicious option!

Butternut squash duck lasagna

Butternut Squash Duck Lasagna

Student Grand Prize 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Rebecca Alarcon, Houston Community College, Houston, TX

Duck meatballs

Duck Meatballs

These versatile make-ahead meatballs combine ground duck and duck bacon for delicious flavor. Pair with a variety of sauces for any occasion.