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There are many more duck breeds in the world than the ones in your backyard or local lake! Take a look at the most popular duck breeds in the U.S. & learn more about why Maple Leaf Farms exclusively raises White Pekin Duck.


Not all ducks are the same! There are many duck breeds throughout the world, and only several of these breeds you will see served throughout the U.S. The most common breed to make it to the plate is the White Pekin Duck which is the breed Maple Leaf Farms raises – you can also find Muscovy, Mallard & Moulard in the U.S.

Mallard is frequently hunted as game and Muscovy and Moulard breeds are served in restaurants occasionally. The White Pekin duck is the most widely used breed since it has a tender, mild flavor that is not "gamey" like other types of duck marketed in the United States.

White Pekin

White Pekin - the Maple Leaf Farms Duck - accounts for 95% of duck consumption in the US. Years ago, White Pekin ducks were brought from China to Long Island, which served as the center of the U.S. duck industry. White Pekin duck offers a tender, mild meat that is preferred by most Americans and adapts to a wide range of flavor profiles and cuisines. It is also lower in fat and higher in protein than the other breeds.

White pekin duck breed


Mallard duck is a wild duck that is farm-raised on a limited basis. This breed is commonly seen in lakes, streams, & backyards throughout the U.S. It is usually only consumed as game after hunting for sport. The Mallard duck is smaller and tougher than the White Pekin. These ducks have very little fat, but often taste greasy and very gamey.

Mallard duck breed


Muscovy ducks vary largely with gender. Males are large and meaty while the females are small – usually they are sold separately as "hen" and "drake" birds. The Muscovy duck has a much stronger flavor than the White Pekin and is often selected for its breast or liver, which is often used for foie gras. Muscovy duck is much higher in fat than the White Pekin and is very tough since it is raised to a very old age for liver development.

Muscovy duck breed


The Moulard is a cross between a male Muscovy duck and a female White Pekin. The Moulard is larger and has a stronger, gamier taste than the White Pekin. It is also often selected for its liver, which is often used for foie gras. Moulard duck is much higher in fat than the White Pekin and has been known to be tough, stringy and chewy since it is raised to a very old age for liver development.

Moulard duck breed


White pekin ducks


At Maple Leaf Farms we put care into every step of our Farm to Fork process. Get an exclusive look into our business with virtual tours and walk-throughs of our vertical integration. Follow along through our story behind our duck!

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Our Trident Stewardship Duck Care Program leads the industry in humane duck raising practices. The program focuses on three pillars: Duck Well-being, Biosecurity & Natural Resource Conservation. All three work in unison to ensure the healthiest duck possible.