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Dive in to our latest and greatest Quack Hacks and expert tips to make the most out of our products! Find our best duck advice from our kitchen and from chefs all over the world here.


Looking to go the extra mile with your duck dish? We've worked with hundreds of fantastic and creative chefs over the years, and we are happy to bring their tips and tricks to you.

Embrace your adventurous side in the kitchen with tips from duck experts like Chef Steve Oakley and Master Chef Dale Miller, or check out our latest Quack Hacks to bring our products to the next level. Our Quack Hacks are curated from duck tips used throughout the culinary industry for years and from our own Research & Development kitchen. We have used these tips to take our duck to the next level for many years. Perfect your duck skills with these easy to use tips, and get ready for a fantastic meal.

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Quick Tip: Score That Skin
Want to cook your duck breast faster? Make cuts in the skin every ¼ inch to "score" the skin. Rotate and repeat to make a crisscross pattern (avoiding cutting into meat). Your duck breast will render twice as fast!
““In all of my years of cooking, I discovered that if you use only the finest ingredients, it will help make you a better chef! That is why as a WACS Global Master Chef, I exclusively use Maple Leaf Farms duck products! No other duck provides better quality, flavor, consistency or guest satisfaction!””
Dale Miller | Master Chef & Maple Leaf Board Member
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“"I have used Maple Leaf Farms products as long as I can remember. Being a chef, I look for quality and consistency in any product. Maple Leaf Farms duck has been just that. My favorite part of the duck would be the legs. The richness and tenderness of the meat lends itself to be prepared in countless ways."”
Executive Chef Jacques Wilson | CEC, AAC, CDM, Certified American Culinary Federation Chef
Chef jaques wilson
““We serve the Maple Leaf Farms whole duck, which is a consistent, quality product. My customers appreciate the quality, and often tell me that our duck is the best around. Maple Leaf Farms ducks are versatile, and tasty, with just the right amount of lean meat.””
Chef Dennis Chan | Owner & Chef of over 12 restaurants in Florida & Culinary Professor at Florida State College
Dennis chan

Duck Breast

Always place duck breast in a cool pan skin side down, then turn the heat to medium low to start rendering the fat for 10 minutes. This low and slow method gives the perfect crispy skin.

Score the skin by cutting it into 1/4 inch intervals in a crisscross pattern on the duck breast. This will ensure the fat is rendered evenly. You can render off up to 70% of the fat this way. Steve Oakley from Oakley's Bistro recommends making 21 cuts across the average breast.

Save the rendered duck fat! You can use it to roast vegetables or add to mashed potatoes. Check out our recommended sides.

Finish duck breast on the grill for a faster finish with less flare ups. We recommend grilling over cherry wood for a great smoky, savory flavor.

Use any leftover skin or remove the skin from the breast to create a yummy duck cracklings side. Simply cut into strips and pop in the oven or fry. Follow along with our how-to in the video section below.

Whole Duck

To carve a whole duck, we recommend starting with the wings then carving the legs next. Carve the breast last and save the carcass for making duck stock. See our favorite method in the video section below

To cut up a raw duck, we recommend starting with the legs then cutting off the breast. Follow along step-by-step in our video section below to see our favorite method. Save the carcass after you are done to make delicious soups or duck stock.

For extra crispy skin, rub the skin of the raw duck with paprika prior to cooking and put the duck under the broiler for the last few minutes of cooking - watch it closely so it does not burn/char.

Butterfly a whole duck for faster cooking on the grill or in the oven! Check out our method in the video section below. Brick not required.

Duck Legs

Make your own confit by slowly cooking our duck legs in their own fat. Try it out in the crock pot or low and slow in the oven like we do in this recipe.

Scoring Duck Breast
Grilling Duck Breast
Carving Whole Duck
Cutting Up Whole Duck
Butterfly a Whole Duck


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Cooking Duck is easy with our step-by-step how-to videos! Learn to deep fry, roast or pan sear your favorite duck products in under 5 minutes. Easy preparations for a holiday duck dish or simple family meal!

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