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Learn all about duck on our blog from duck meat and its health benefits to trying new recipes and learning about the farm to fork process.

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Not All Duck Legs are Created Equal

Duck legs are versatile for many cuisine and preparation methods. Do you know how to pick out the best from the subpar? When purchasing duck legs, do your homework on the differences between duck breeds, differences in quality, and differences in raising practices.


USA Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

For many years the USA, specifically California, has been a center for wine innovations and culture throughout the world. This guide highlights classic Americana dishes like Duck & Waffles & Nashville Hot Duck Wings with some of Liv's favorite wine pairings from USA wine regions like Napa & Sonoma.


Roast Duck Recipes Through the Seasons

Roast duck is a culinary classic that is the perfect centerpiece for any holiday meal, dinner party or family get together. Its tender, flavorful meat and golden, crispy skin easily pairs with your favorite seasonings, glazes and sides. This makes it a great dish to adapt to your menu any season of the year.


Australia Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Travel Down Under with wine pairings and delicious duck recipes made with time-honored Australian ingredients. We explore famous Sydney street food like, Duck Meat Pies and fries topped with chicken salt, Aussie burger toppings, and of course a Duck on the Barbie. Our recipes are paired with wines from the different coastal wine regions of Australia in the surrounding areas of Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.


Adding Pan Seared Duck To Your Recipe Collection

For a fast and easy weekday meal or an effortless entrée for entertaining, look no further than pan seared duck breast when adding to your recipe collection. With a few simple ingredients and a quick stovetop method, you can create a simple meal with an upscale feel in just minutes.


Africa Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Let us take you on a safari through Africa with traditional African ingredients and recipes paired with wines from South Africa!


Your Choice Source for Duck

There are a number of purveyors of duck to choose from, but what makes Maple Leaf Farms the choice source? Take a look at how Maple Leaf Farms stacks up against the rest.


South America Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Explore South American inspired duck dishes and delicious wine pairings from Argentina and Chile.


Tips and Tricks: How to Cook Duck Breast

Duck breast is a versatile protein that is a culinary favorite around the world. If you enjoy dining on duck breast but have never been brave enough to prepare it, let Maple Leaf Farms take the guesswork out of cooking it at home with these tips and cooking tricks.