Duck meatballs
Duck Meatballs
Delicious savory meatballs made with ground duck that can pair with a variety of sauces. Perfect for gatherings or a quick dinner.


Looking for recipe ideas for Duck? Explore a world of flavors here! Find the perfect recipe below and embrace your inner chef. Get creative in the kitchen and explore dishes from chefs all over the world. With recipes ranging from beginner to expert, there is a dish for everyone.

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Smoked Duck Bacon

Smoked Maple Duck Bacon

Smoked Duck Bacon brings a delicious sweet heat to your summer menu! Duck Breast is cured, glazed , smoked low and slow , sliced thinly then fried to create crispy duck bacon.

Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Duck Breast

Sizzling Duck Breast on the smoker! Follow this easy recipe to create a delicious & juicy hickory smoked duck breast perfect for any summer occasion.

Hardwood Smoked Whole Duck

Smoked Whole Duck

Juicy & tender Whole Duck on the smoker! Follow this easy recipe to create savory smoked whole duck at home. Great for family dinners, gatherings with friends or your neighborhood BBQ Cook Off.

Smoked Duck Legs

Smoked Duck Legs

Simple savory Smoked Duck Legs are on the menu this summer! Oregano and thyme spice these legs up in a delicious dry rub. We recommend smoking these duck legs with Brussels sprouts as a side.


Duck a l'Orange

Try our Roast Half Duck or Whole Duck with this classic Duck a l'Orange dish with a flambeed orange sauce.

Duck Breast Chimichurri and fries

Chimichurri Duck & Frites

A duck twist on a restaurant classic, Steak & Frites! A fresh Chimichurri tops our duck breast steaks, then we pair them with duck fat fries.