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Farm-Raised Duck

Maple Leaf Farms family farm-raised duck is humanely grown with care in each step and more nutritious than your average duck. We love raising a one-of-a-kind protein. Taste the Difference.


At Maple Leaf Farms we love how unique duck is in every aspect from the farm to table. Ducks are not like other birds and duck meat is different than other proteins, but we think different can mean better.

What does duck taste like? Our farm-raised White Pekin duck has a delicious, red meat flavor that’s more similar to steak than to chicken or turkey, and it substitutes equally well for both in recipes. Plus, duck is surprisingly healthy! By properly cooking duck, you can eliminate 70% of the fat. Duck is leaner and has less saturated fat than other meats.

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Healthy Highlight: Duck Bacon
Looking for a heart healthy alternative to pork bacon? Duck Bacon is the answer! Maple Leaf Farm's Duck Bacon is 57% less fat than traditional pork bacon and does NOT compromise on flavor like turkey bacon.


Although duck is popular among America's finest chefs, you don't need culinary training to prepare it. Duck is easy to prepare for everyday meals, is perfect for special occasions, and can be incorporated into a wide range of cuisines for culinary adventures of any kind.

Our family-owned company has been creating duck products since 1958, and every year we continue to improve our products in new ways. Caring about the details is what sets Maple Leaf Farms apart.

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Although our duck is packed with flavor, it is actually very low in calories compared to other proteins! Our skinless duck breast has less calories on average than both chicken & turkey breast. It is also significantly lower in calories than beef or pork.


Despite its rich taste, our duck is lower in fat than a majority of proteins. On average, duck has less than half the fat that beef and pork do per serving and contains less fat than most other poultry.


Maple Leaf Farms on average has 30% more meat than other duck brands due to our selective breeding practices. We have grown our ducks to be leaner in fat and higher in protein than the average duck.


Not only is duck lower in fat than most proteins, its fats are also better for you! Duck fat is the closest animal fat in nutrients to olive oil. Duck fat is made up of mainly monounsaturated healthy fats that help lower LDL cholesterol.


Looking for a heart healthy alternative to pork bacon? Duck Bacon is 57% percent lower in fat compared to traditional pork bacon. Its monounsaturated fats are much more heart friendly.


Pekin duck is an excellent source of essential nutrients such as vitamin E, niacin and selenium - offering greater than 20 percent of the daily recommended intake. Selenium and vitamin E paired together protect cells from damage that could lead to cancer, heart disease or other heart problems.


Duck contains more iron per serving than a majority of other meats, including chicken, turkey, cornish game hen and many cuts of beef. Iron serves as an essential part of the body’s blood, helping in brain development and supporting a healthy immune system.


Duck is considered a red meat even though it is a poultry. All duck meat is considered poultry meat, but since it is rich in iron and other essential nutrients like beef is, this gives duck a red meat color and taste. The perfect combo of red meat taste and poultry nutrition!

We love to offer Maple Leaf Farms duck. Offering duck breast with Gorgonzola as an appetizer gives our guests the opportunity to experience the fantastic quality without committing to an entire entrée. The next question they have is, 'Why don't you offer this as an entrée?' We like to make them ask.
Chef Rich LoRusso, LoRusso's Cucinia, St. Louis
Today's dining culture is requesting the best quality ingredients, grown sustainably and providing wholesome nutrition. Working with Maple Leaf Farms duck products, applying your favorite techniques, and choosing the perfect seasoning and accompaniments will create an entrée, salad, appetizer, or hor d'oeuvre you can serve with pride. Maple Leaf Farms duck is a staple on the menus in Pebble Beach.
Chef Beat Giger | CEC ACC, Corporate Chef of Pebble Beach Resorts, CA
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At Maple Leaf Farms we put care into every step of our Farm to Fork process. Get an exclusive look into our business with virtual tours and walk-throughs of our vertical integration. Follow along through our story behind our duck!

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Did you know there are several different types of duck breeds that may make it to your plate? But, there is a BIG difference in how they may taste. Check out why Maple Leaf Farms produces only White Pekin Duck.

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Our third party audited Trident Stewardship Duck Care Program leads the industry in humane duck raising practices. The program focuses on three pillars: Duck Well-being, Biosecurity & Natural Resource Conservation. All three work in unison to ensure the healthiest duck possible.