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Duck Bao
Traditional soft, bao dumpling stuffed with our Maple Leaf Farms Roast Half Duck meat, green onions and hoisin sauce.
Halal Whole Duck
Our classic USDA grade A, whole duck certified Halal by Halal Transactions of Omaha. Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.
Duck Wing Drummettes
Our juicy, tender duck wing drummette in a crispy golden brown breading & fully cooked for convenience.
All Natural Ground Duck
Our all natural ground duck only has 2 ingredients–ground duck and a pinch of sea salt to keep it moist and delicious!
Duck Quesadillas
Our slow roasted duck leg meat blended with pepper jack cheese, wrapped in a traditional flour tortilla.
Duck Bacon & Sweetcorn Wontons
A savory blend of our duck bacon, charred sweet corn, and cream cheese stuffed & folded in a crescent shaped wonton wrapper.
Duck Potstickers
Handcrafted, bite size dumplings filled with a delicious blend of our ground duck breast meat, Asian vegetables & spices.
Cajun All Natural Boneless Duck Breast
Our premium, all natural boneless duck breast tumble marinated with an exciting southwest spice blend.
Honey Orange All Natural Boneless Duck Breast
Our premium, all natural duck breast tumble marinated with bright honey orange citrus flavor.
Duck Bratwurst
Juicy and delicious, a healthier version of a classic bratwurst with our fully cooked duck in a natural pork casing.
All Natural Pulled Duck Leg Meat
Fully cooked, tender, juicy duck from our oven roasted, all natural boneless skinless duck legs.
All Natural Duck Leg Confit
Our duck leg prepared in the time-honored French tradition. Seasoned with classic confit seasonings, then slowly cooked in its own juices.
All Natural Rendered Duck Fat
Our 100% pure premium, all natural rendered duck fat adds rich flavor. A healthier choice with healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Roasted Garlic All Natural Boneless Duck Breast
Our premium, all natural boneless duck breast tumble marinated with a garlic blend that enhances duck's delicious natural flavor.
All Natural Antibiotic Free Whole Duck
Our all natural antibiotic free whole duck is farm raised without ever receiving antibiotics - NEVER EVER! Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.
Roast Half Duck
Our perfectly roasted, tender half duck, ready to heat & serve. Available with or without an orange sauce packet.
All Natural Whole Duck with Orange Sauce
Our most famous, whole duck – all natural & lightly marinated. Includes an orange sauce packet bursting with bright, fresh flavor.
Rich Duck Stock
This simple stock can be prepared then stored for later use in a variety of recipes.
Duck a Big Part of WFC Final Table TV Show
The World Food Championships (WFC) Final Table Indy show aired this past Saturday, Oct. 3 on the Cooking Channel. The one-hour show chronicled the three challenges faced by 10 food champions to ultimately reveal the next World Food Champion. Maple Leaf Farms duck was,…
Roast Half Duck Named a Favorite Costco Product
The BuzzFeed Community has spoken. Maple Leaf Farms Roast Half Duck is a favorite lazy meal staple from Costco. Buzzfeed contributor Hannah Loewentheil compiled responses from readers asked what their favorite Costco products were for easy meals and Roast Half Duck was…
Michigan Restaurant Serves 10,000th Duck Dish
Blu restaurant in Glen Arbor, Michigan, recently served up its 10,000th signature duck confit dish made with Maple Leaf Farms duck legs. Chef and owner Randy Chamberlain spent 20 years learning how to perfectly confit duck prior to putting it on the menu at his…