Where to buy duck

Finding Farm-Raised Duck Is Easier than Ever

POSTED: 01/20/2022

Duck meat offers a rich, savory flavor not found in other poultry. That’s why professional chefs and home cooks searching for an alternative to chicken or turkey are turning to this protein now more than ever.

Although whole ducks remain the most readily available product in U.S. markets, you can find several convenient, value-added duck meat products throughout the nation.

Retailers Offer Variety of Duck Products

Like other poultry, duck meat products are sold by a robust network of supermarket chains, local grocery stores, club stores and specialty food markets across the country.

  • Packaged whole ducks are most often sold in the freezer section of stores, though some markets offer fresh whole ducks. Ranging between four to six pounds, each can feed four or more people.
  • Fresh or frozen vacuum-sealed packages of duck breast or legs are also available in many markets. Sold in packs of two or more, each portion can serve as a main dish for one or two people, depending on application and serving size.
  • Other value-added duck products such as ground duck, duck tenders, fully cooked roast half duck and even duck fat are offered by some retailers and specialty markets.

Duck Delivered Directly to Your Door

You can also purchase high quality, farm-raised duck directly from family-owned Maple Leaf Farms. Shop the company’s online store and have products shipped directly to your door.

Concerned about sustainability and how the ducks are cared for? Maple Leaf Farms’ farm-to-fork process offers a transparent view of how ducks are grown on family farms in northern Indiana. The company’s handy product locator can help you find nearby stores that carry duck meat products.

Professional Chefs Can Source Duck Nationwide

If you are a professional chef, caterer, or foodservice operator who is interested in adding duck meat to your menu, you can purchase Maple Leaf Farms duck through a variety of avenues.

  • Distributors that serve local, regional and national networks ensure that Maple Leaf Farms duck can be found in all 50 states.
  • Wholesalers and restaurant warehouse stores are often a great avenue for operators who need smaller or less regular quantities of products.
  • Maple Leaf Farms will also ship directly to customer warehouses for orders of 300 or more cases or work with foodservice professionals to order online while working to establish other channels that offer more consistent pricing and shipping rates.

Today's variety of duck meat products and ease of availability, make duck a healthy go-to protein. To learn more about where to find farm-raised duck meat, contact Maple Leaf Farms.