Boneless Skinless Duck Breast, Split bento box

Jump off the Cooking Carousel— Swap out Chicken for Duck

POSTED: 01/23/2022

If you are tired of cooking chicken and are searching for something new to liven up everyday favorites, look no further than nutritious and delicious duck. Duck meat may be unfamiliar to many at-home cooks, but it is a versatile protein that is easier to prepare than you may believe and satisfies even the refined pallet.

Duck works well in a variety of dishes.

Do not avoid duck simply because you may not know how to prepare it. Like other poultry, duck meat can be roasted, grilled, smoked or braised. Unlike chicken or turkey, duck offers a rich flavor and juiciness that adds depth and complexity to a range of dishes.

And, with its distinct flavor and texture, duck meat is a perfect fit for a variety of cuisines. Although it is traditionally associated with French or Chinese cooking, duck meat can easily be paired with a wide array of flavor profiles from Italian to American or virtually any style. Duck meat is a great addition to pizza, pasta, salads and more served for a casual occasion or delights as the center of plate protein on an upscale menu.

Duck fits into a healthy diet.

With the growing trends of farm to fork and all natural, farm-raised duck fits the bill.

  • Duck meat is a rich source of protein, iron and many other nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle.
  • A 3 ounce portion of boneless, skinless duck breast is leaner and has fewer calories than a similar portion of boneless, skinless chicken breast. It is also lower in cholesterol and sodium compared to chicken.
  • Duck fat is healthier than other animal fats because it is lower in saturated fats and higher in monounsaturated fats. This means it has more linoleic acids than chicken or turkey fat. In fact, many chefs love to use it as a substitute for butter or plant oils.

We take the mystery out of cooking duck.

The Maple Leaf Farms website is a good resource for quick how-to videos that demonstrate how to simply prepare duck and answers common duck nutrition and cooking questions. It offers a variety of recipes for duck dishes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you're a culinary pro, we also have curated duck recipes created with foodservice professionals in mind.

So, the next time you’re wondering what to prepare and want to try something different, turn to duck and add a new protein to your menu.