Whole Peking Duck

Whole Duck Recipes to Make Year-Round

POSTED: 02/05/2022

Here’s something Maple Leaf Farms has known for years: Whole duck is not just for the holidays, and we’ve got the recipes to prove it!

With whole ducks being easy to find year-round in supermarkets and online, think past the customary roast duck holiday meal and explore your creative side with recipes perfect for serving whole duck at any time of year.

From traditional to on-trend, you can find a broad selection of whole duck recipes on the Maple Leaf Farms website that pair perfectly with many different cuisines and flavor profiles. And because they are designed for a range of cooking skills, you do not have to be a culinary expert to prepare these whole duck dishes.


Traditional Whole Duck with a Twist

  • Duck a l’Orange – No doubt you have heard of this classic French dish. Our recipe takes it to the next level with flambeed orange sauce that delivers a great dining experience. Find the recipe here.
  • Cherry Duck Fruit sauces pair exquisitely with duck. This recipe’s cherry sauce is perfectly balanced between sweet and tart. Plus, it’s all cooked on the stovetop; no oven required! Find the recipe here.
  • Peking Duck Duck is the cornerstone of Asian cooking, and this recipe is Beijing's most famous dish. We’ve made it a bit easier to get that prized crispy skin with this modified Peking Duck dish. Find the recipe here.
Roast duck with green peppercorn sauce

Whole Duck Comfort Food

  • Roast Duck with Green Peppercorn SaucePrepare this whole duck recipe ahead of time for a cozy weeknight meal. The tangy Dijon mustard and flavorful peppercorns give it a bit of spice. Find the recipe here.
  • Detroit DuckHearty best describes this dish. Quarter a whole duck and cook in a Dutch oven with vegetables for rich, comforting flavors. Find the recipe here.
Duck under a brick

Alternative Cooking Methods for Whole Duck

  • Duck Under a Brick You can reduce cooking time by butterflying a whole duck just like you would a chicken, then weighing it down with bricks before cooking. Remove the bricks when done and enjoy. Find the guide here.
  • Deep Fried Duck Get out your turkey fryer! Deep frying a duck will give it extra-crispy skin with moist meat. Find the guide here.