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Polynesian Duck Kabobs
Great as an appetizer or a main meal, these kabobs are coated in a sweet, tangy sauce made with pineapple preserves and Dijon mustard.
Thai Style Pulled Duck Sliders
To Assemble Duck Sliders: Build each slider in the following order: 1 slider bun buttered and toasted, 1.5 oz. duck meat, 1 tsp basil, 1 tsp shredded cabbage, 1 tsp red curry vinaigrette, 1 cucumber slice, and 1/4 tsp sesame seeds. Cap with the top of the slider bun…
Duck Puppies with Sorghum Bourbon Glaze
Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Rich Carter, Catering Works, Raleigh, NC
Nashville Hot Duck
Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Chef Marylou Tate, Assistant Professor Nashville State Community College, Nashville, TN
Duck Bacon and Smoked Almond Brittle
For the ultimate combination of sweet and salty, this recipe adds smoked almonds and duck bacon to traditional brittle. Perfect as a snack for family night or holidays.
Baked Duck Breast with Champagne Pear Sauce
Create a light, airy dish with this sauce made from champagne, pears, mint, orange juice and lime juice.
Duck Confit
Confit is the time-honored French tradition of cooking meat slowly in its own fat until meltingly tender. This recipe uses classic confit seasonings. Modify the spices to add your own flavor.
Duck & Mushroom Farro Risotto with Toasted Hazelnuts
This hearty farro risotto recipe is jam-packed with flavor and an aromatic Moroccan spice blend that pairs perfectly with duck.
New American BLT with Duck Bacon
Make any breakfast or lunch special with this updated take on classic BLTs.
Jalapeno Duck Burgers
Try a jalapeño- and onion-infused patty for a moist, flavorful summer entrée. Serve with spicy mango salsa on the side or add to the top of your burger.
Duck Tacos
Note: In a pinch, substitute about 1 tablespoon of your favorite packaged chicken taco seasoning mix for the spice blend.
Creole Duck with Crispy Corn Cakes and Candied Greens
*Peppadew peppers can usually be found in the deli section with the olives. If not readily available, sweet cherry peppers, seeds and stems discarded, may be substituted.
Spiced Duck Pot Pie
Dare to mix things up with a duck pot pie filled with Thanksgiving flavors. Serve as a single dish or use small, individual crocks.
Duck Bacon and Spinach Salad
Created for Maple Leaf Farms by Chef Matthew Nolot Made with fresh spinach, frisée lettuce and eggs, this gourmet salad is a healthy choice for lunch or dinner. Its tangy cherry dressing is offset by sweet and spicy candied duck bacon.
Duck Bacon Barbecued Bean Casserole
Chili sauce and brown sugar bring the flavors of the Southwest to this hearty casserole. Perfect as a side for duck burgers or barbecue duck.