Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Duck Breast Inspiration

POSTED: 07/15/2022

In continuation of our #SmokeThatDuck series, we are highlighting some of our favorite smoked duck recipes! Savory and rich with flavor, these recipes are perfect for a casual breakfast or special family dinner.

Smoked Duck Breast

Sizzling duck breast on the smoker is perfect for any summer occasion! Follow this easy recipe to create a delicious and juicy hickory smoked duck breast that has a wonderful smoked aroma. We recommend serving it with classic smokehouse sides like corn, coleslaw or baked beans.

Smoked Maple Duck Bacon (w/ Sriracha)

Smoked duck bacon brings a delicious, sweet heat to your summer menu! Duck breast is cured for several days, glazed with maple syrup and sriracha (optional), and applewood smoked low and slow for several hours. To serve, sliced thinly and sauté to create crispy duck bacon.

Tea Smoked Duck Breast

Traditional Tea Smoked Duck Breast is fantastic for an afternoon tea or a refreshing salad. This Asian-inspired dish is smoked over rice and tea with a classic five spice rub to complement the flavor of duck breast and ensure it is extra tender and juicy.

Smoked Duck with Five Spice Waffles and Hibiscus Syrup

Smoked Duck with Waffles and Hibiscus Syrup is a delicious meal for breakfast! Seasoned with paprika, cayenne, ground star anise and allspice, both the waffles and duck are packed with delicious, mouth-watering flavors that perfectly balance spicy and sweet.

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