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Duck Bacon and Brie Cheese Stuffed French Toast
Easy to make and elegant to serve, this dish is baked in a hot oven, making it handy for feeding a crowd.
Roast Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce
Tangy Dijon mustard and flavorful peppercorns spice up duck for a weeknight meal.
Crossed Cuisines Shakshuka with Duck Sausage and Duck Fat Toast
A trio of duck products gives a twist to this shakshuka -- a spicy, traditional dish from Israel made of eggs poached in a tomato-red pepper sauce.
Duck Bacon Burgers
Add spices to All Natural Ground Duck and top with Duck Bacon for a juicy, flavorful alternative to beef burgers. Great on the grill!
How to Grill Whole Duck
Tips: Butterfly a whole duck so it opens wide and flat to speed up cooking on the grill. This method will cook the duck faster and more evenly. Be sure to adjust cooking times accordingly.Briefly grill the orange quarters before you stuff them inside the duck.
How to Deep Fry a Whole Duck
*Use your deep fryer outdoors at least 10 feet from a building or vehicle for safety. Wear protective clothing and gloves when around the hot oil. After frying, let the oil cool down overnight before storing or disposing of it.…
Duck and Lemongrass Skewers with Hoisin Peanut Dipping Sauce
To serve: Place the kebab in the lettuce cup, add garnish, remove the lemongrass skewer and dip in sauce.
Duck and Mango Quesadilla
*Roasted Garlic Marinated Duck Breast also works in this recipe.
Duck Bacon Chocolate Truffles
Luscious, melt-in-your-mouth truffles made with duck bacon, toasted pecans, and milk and dark chocolate.
Duck & Portobello Pad Thai
Enjoy Thailand's popular pad thai dish at home with duck.
Duck Breakfast Pizza
Make pizza into a breakfast item with this hearty, kid-friendly dish. This recipe works great with a variety of duck products.