Roasted whole duck basic recipe for crispy skin

The Crispy Duck Recipe You'll Want to Call Your Own

POSTED: 07/25/2022

Deliciously crafted crispy duck recipes are just what you need for a go to meal for all occasions. Paired with a variety of sides and sauces, there are endless possibilities on how to prepare roasted duck. With an array of mouth-watering pairings, a simple roasted duck can become a culinary masterpiece!

What Makes it Crispy?

The crisp skin on roasted duck not only adds flavor to the already delicious dish but it gives the meal a new texture to it. But how does it get so crispy? Here are a few extra steps you can follow to create a perfect crispy roasted duck.

  • Boil duck for 10 minutes - this helps render out some of the fat.
  • Start by roasting the duck at 425 degrees F - after 15 minutes turn oven on 350 degrees F
  • Rotate duck every 35 minutes - remove any fat that may have accumulated every time you rotate the duck (DO NOT throw away duck fat - it helps create some amazing sides)

Roasted Whole Duck - Basic Recipe for Crispy Skin

This basic roast duck recipe creates a crispy skin and moist meat that when served with other delicious recipes can make it an entirely different flavorful experience for the eater. With crispy skin and tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth meat on the inside, this recipe is sure to be a classic for anyone who tries it!

Looking to Expand the Recipe?

Now that you have created the perfect main dish, it is time to add sides and sauces bursting with flavor to this recipe. A perfect use for the leftover duck fat from the roasted duck, Duck Fat Brussels Sprouts and Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes are just two side dishes that are a great choice to serve with roasted duck. Looking to top off roasted duck with a sauce packed with flavor? Look no further than Cherry Sauce or Orange Sauce. Once you finish your final roasted duck dish with these additions, you are ready to serve these delectable dishes!

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