Nashville hot duck wings
Nashville Hot Duck Wings
The sweet and spicy flavors of homemade Nashville-style hot sauce make a perfect coating for duck wing drummettes.


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Duck breast sliders on crispy potato skins

Duck Breast Sliders on Crispy Potato Skins

Student Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Florian Schwartz, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

Duck confit turnover with spicy green papaya slaw and orange blossom vinegar syrup

Duck Confit Turnover with Spicy Green Papaya Slaw and Orange Blossom Vinegar Syrup

Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Anthony Lauri, Chartwells Dining Service at University of Miami, Miami, FL

Creamy ale pasta with roast duck

Creamy Ale Pasta with Roast Duck

The ale's balanced flavor of malt and bitterness melds nicely with the savory duck in this pasta dish.

Duck bacon caramel ice cream

Duck Bacon Caramel Ice Cream (Duck Bacon Delight)

Student Finalist 2015 Chef Recipe Contest, Joyce Mac, Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago, IL

Duck bacon springrolls with dipping sauce

Duck Bacon Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce

The basic vegetable spring roll gets an update with vibrant herbs and duck bacon.