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Why Add Duck Meat to Your Grocery List?

Although the idea of cooking duck at home can intimidate some consumers, those wanting to try something new find duck meat is easy to prepare and fits a variety of cuisines and menu options. Plus, duck meat and duck fat have a host of health benefits that yield a unique dining experience shoppers return to again and again.


Why is Duck a Great Red Meat Replacement?

Although duck is poultry, it is darker in color than chicken and turkey and is considered a red meat by culinary standards. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a healthy, flavorful alternative to beef or pork.


Jump off the Cooking Carousel— Swap out Chicken for Duck

If you are tired of cooking chicken and are searching for something new to liven up everyday favorites, look no further than nutritious and delicious duck. Duck meat may be unfamiliar to many at-home cooks, but it is a versatile protein that is easier to prepare than you may believe and satisfies even the refined pallet.


Finding Farm-Raised Duck Is Easier than Ever

Duck meat offers a rich, savory flavor not found in other poultry. That’s why professional chefs and home cooks searching for an alternative to chicken or turkey are turning to this protein now more than ever.  Although whole ducks remain the most readily available product in U.S. markets, you can find several convenient, value-added duck meat products throughout the nation.


How Duck Meat is Changing the Game of Red Meat Choices

Duck meat. Is it red or white? This seems like an easy question to answer. But after you bite into a perfectly prepared duck, the full flavor will make you question that assumption.