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Learn all about duck on our blog from duck meat and its health benefits to trying new recipes and learning about the farm to fork process.

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France Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Travel to France with famous French Duck recipes & delicious French wine pairings.


Bringing Sustainability Into The Kitchen with Maple Leaf Farms Duck

Through the Maple Leaf Farms Trident Stewardship and Corporate Sustainability Programs, our company fulfills our commitment to using farming practices that help conserve natural resources and produce foods with less energy, water and waste. Take a look at a brief overview of how we have reduced our environmental impact in the past few years.


German Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Take your tastebuds on a tour of Germany with these delicious recipes featuring traditional ingredients paired with German Wines.


The Dish on Easter Dining’s Trendiest Ingredient: Duck Breast

If you are planning a festive family gathering this Easter holiday and are wanting to serve something besides a traditional baked ham or brunch breakfast casserole, consider adding duck breast to your menu.


Incorporating Duck Breast Into Your Everyday Recipes

If you are tired of turning to the same dishes again and again to feed your family, consider using duck breast in recipes that call for beef, pork or chicken. Duck breast is a delicious and nutritious alternative to these proteins.


Italy Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Explore Italian recipes featuring delicious traditional ingredients paired with fantastic Italian wines.


A Beginner’s Guide to Standout Recipes: How to Cook Duck Legs

Duck legs are a wonderful option for any meal — from small family dinners to large friendly gatherings. Easy to prepare and versatile enough to pair with a variety of cuisines, duck legs are a perfect main entrée for beginning cooks and seasoned chefs alike.


Spain Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

Explore classic recipes from Spain with a Duck twist paired with the best of Spain's wines.


Outstanding Easter Side Dishes

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends. As you prepare your Easter menu, consider using duck fat or duck stock to enhance the flavor of standard side dishes you serve along with your holiday duck or ham.