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Despite its delicious flavor and health benefits compared to red meat, duck is often absent from menus. You can help change that.

Your Menu Is Missing Premium Duck

Duck is perfect for both scratch kitchens and restaurants that can’t devote as much time to meal prep.

As a culinary professional, you know your reputation is built on the quality of your ingredients and your recipes. Our farm to fork ducks enhance both.

With nation wide distribution and easy ordering, Maple Leaf Farms is the partner you’ve been looking for.

Why Should I Choose Duck?

Sticking with the same old ingredients and the same old meals is a great way to grow stagnant. Your customers want more.

Duck breaks the mold.

Although it’s often thought of as an occasional luxury, duck is actually a healthy, delicious, and affordable meat. It’s also incredibly versatile. Whether you want to browse our list of recipes from around the world or let your own creativity flow, duck can be the centerpiece of countless meals.

By offering flavorful and unique dishes, you not only provide your customers with a fantastic experience. You will also get them talking. And that’s great for business.

Five spice duck legs with warm pickled fennel cherries and persimmons

What Makes Maple Leaf Farms Different?

Expect quality. Always.

From the hatchery to your restaurant, we oversee every single step of the process.

Our premium White Pekin ducks are also:

  • Free of added growth hormones

  • Free of growth-promoting antibiotics

  • Free to roam on family farms

By not cutting corners, your customers will be able to taste the difference.

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We serve the Maple Leaf Farms whole duck, which is a consistent, quality product. My customers appreciate the quality, and often tell me that our duck is the best around. Maple Leaf Farms ducks are versatile, and tasty, with just the right amount of lean meat.
Chef Dennis Chan | Owner & Chef of over 12 restaurants in Florida & Culinary Professor at Florida State College

Is The Duck Supply Sustainable?

Shortages and supply chain obstacles have impacted a variety of food options, including duck. That’s no secret.

However, here at Maple Leaf Farms, we have a more stable supply than many others in the protein industry. With a reliable partner, you’ll have fewer gaps in your menu.

We are also committed to sustainability, and that doesn’t end on the farm. We make intentional choices in processing facilities and our community. From responsible sourcing to resource conservation, sustainability is our goal.

Duck Barn
White pekin ducks

What If Cooking Duck Intimidates Me?

There’s no shame in that. Many professionals rarely if ever get the opportunity to cook duck. We provide a variety of expert tips and videos that will help you cook with confidence.

You also have access to an entire library of duck recipes.

Try them.

Change them.

Make them your own.

How Can I Get Started?

To get great-tasting duck on your menu, you can buy online or find Maple Leaf Farms products at your local store. Either way, get ready for the compliments.


Here are a few of our most popular questions professional chefs like you are asking.

Maple Leaf Farms Duck products are available from coast to coast with major distributors and small local distributors. If you have a question on distribution. Contact our customer service team at 1-800-348-2812

We offer several yearly and seasonal promotions and rebate programs along with event support. For monthly updates, contact to sign up for our monthly Foodservice newsletter.

We raise the White Pekin duck breed only. We do not raise Muscovy or Moulard for Foie Gras. We do not produce foie gras, as we believe it goes against the core principles of animal well being in our Trident Stewardship program. Our White Pekin ducks originate from the original Long Island Pekin ducks brought over to the US from China in the 1800s.

All of our ducks are raised in climate controlled barns with windows that have access to the outside air. We do not raise our ducks in a free range or open water environment because they are at great risk for predators. We also want to ensure they eat and drink the healthiest food & water possible, and they will forage anything they find outside on the ground. Ducks are also much more likely to catch diseases outside, especially in large pools of water. Additionally, during the harsh Indiana winters, we do not want the ducks exposed to extreme weather conditions. We want protect our ducks from all of these threats to ensure they are as happy and as healthy as they can be.

Our ducks eat an all-natural diet of corn, wheat and soybeans and other essential vitamins and minerals. We buy the corn and soy used in our duck feeds from local farmers. Our ducks are not fed antibiotics, hormones, steroids, animal proteins or any growth promotants.

Chefs with saute pan

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