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Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breasts
Cook mouthwatering duck breasts entirely in the oven using the broiler. Serve wild rice on the side for a delicious dinner entree.
Duck Sausage
Tasty duck sausage patties make any breakfast special. Adjust the spices to make it more mild or even spicier!
Detroit Duck
This hearty duck dish is cooked in a Dutch oven and features rich flavors.
Buttermilk Biscuits and Duck Gravy
Student Finalist 2017 Chef Recipe Contest, Richard McGunigale, Nashville State Community College, Nashville, TN
Duck with Fruited Rice
Raisins and dried apricots make this entrée perfect for months when fresh fruit isn't in season.
Duck Sausage Bruschetta
*Serving suggestion: Swap out the Ground Duck Sausage meat for Duck Leg Confit or Roast Half Duck meat to dress up these appetizers.…
Spicy Barbecue Duck Lo Mein
The sweetness of the cola helps to enhance the flavors of the spicy sauce for a new spin on this Chinese classic.
Duck Bacon and Brie Cheese Stuffed French Toast
Easy to make and elegant to serve, this dish is baked in a hot oven, making it handy for feeding a crowd.
Roast Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce
Tangy Dijon mustard and flavorful peppercorns spice up duck for a weeknight meal.
Crossed Cuisines Shakshuka with Duck Sausage and Duck Fat Toast
A trio of duck products gives a twist to this shakshuka -- a spicy, traditional dish from Israel made of eggs poached in a tomato-red pepper sauce.