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Maple Pecan Blondies with Duck Bacon
These decadent bars are bursting with bright maple flavor and texture from duck bacon and toasty pecans.
Peking Duck
Beijing's most famous dish, Peking Duck is traditionally served with Chinese pancakes, green onion brushes and cucumber strips with hoisin sauce.
Maple Leaf Farms Duck Confit Scotch Eggs
Finalist 2015 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Barry Greenberg, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Breast of Duck with B&B Lime Sauce
The duck stock and liqueur balance the flavors in this sauce with just a hint of lime. Serve with rice or a salad.
Creamy Ale Pasta with Roast Duck
The ale's balanced flavor of malt and bitterness melds nicely with the savory duck in this pasta dish.
Thanksgiving Inspired Duck Pizza
An easy to make and impressive recipe with all the Thanksgiving flavors you love... on a pizza!
Duck Couscous
Healthy and filling, the bed of couscous for this duck dish is sweet, spicy and a delicious alternative to potatoes or rice. Feta cheese and pine nuts provide a gourmet garnish.
Honey-Orange Duck Frittata
Serve an Italian-style breakfast with frittatas -- eggs cooked in a skillet and finished in the oven. Create your own version with ingredients like spinach, cilantro or duck bacon.