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Duck Couscous
Healthy and filling, the bed of couscous for this duck dish is sweet, spicy and a delicious alternative to potatoes or rice. Feta cheese and pine nuts provide a gourmet garnish.
Honey-Orange Duck Frittata
Serve an Italian-style breakfast with frittatas -- eggs cooked in a skillet and finished in the oven. Create your own version with ingredients like spinach, cilantro or duck bacon.
Duck and White Bean Penne
This dish can be served warm or cold, making it great for dinner tonight or as a meal planned ahead for a busy week.
Cherry Whiskey Braised Duck Tomato Pie with Popcorn Dust Frico
This winning recipe is an updated version of the classic Southern tomato pie featuring duck. While there are a lot of ingredients, many of the steps can be prepared a day ahead of time. It's well worth the effort.
Duck Croquettes and Sweet Pea Puree
Student Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest Alvin Lawe Johnson & Wales University Providence RI
Mocha-Rubbed Duck Breast with Cherry and Red Wine Pan Sauce
The toasty, nutty flavor of coffee complements the cocoa while dark sweet cherries, red wine and toasted almonds complete this sweet and savory dish
BBQ Duck
Enjoy spicy barbecue sauce with duck without turning on your grill. Simply bake on an oven rack and add sauce.
Duck Carnival
Winner, 2002 Culinary Student Recipe Contest, Chef Ronald Bonette
Peruvian Duck Ceviche
Second Place 2014 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Dennis Chan, Blue Bamboo, Jacksonville, FL
Pulled Duck and White Bean Salad
Tender pulled duck meat and a dressing flavored with sherry wine vinegar make this recipe perfect for entertaining.
Cherry Duck with Spicy Almond Rice
Cooked on the stovetop and served with a sauce that's perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, this entree is a beautiful option for a holiday meal or special occasion.
Duck Meatballs in Orange Sauce
These sweet and spicy meatballs use Ground Duck Meat for a flavor twist and are perfect as an appetizer or tapas.
Duck Liver Creme Brulee
Third Place 2013 Chef Recipe Contest, Chef Barry Greenberg
Duck Bacon Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce
The basic vegetable spring roll gets an update with vibrant herbs and duck bacon.