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Duck bacon sweet potato poutine with cider cream gravy

Duck Bacon Sweet Potato Poutine with Cider-Cream Gravy and Fried Shallots

This twist on traditional poutine is enhanced with duck bacon and a savory apple cider-cream gravy to make an addictive snack or the perfect main meal.

Bbq duck pizza

BBQ Duck Pizza

With premade pizza crusts and our fully cooked duck meat, this recipe is a quick option for a busy weeknight.

Bistro duck breasts

Bistro Duck Breasts

Tender duck breasts with delicious crispy skin drizzled with a red wine Dijon sauce.

Duck under a brick

Duck Under a Brick

This method reduces cooking time by spatchcocking or butterflying a whole duck and then weighing it down with bricks. This ensures more skin contact with the skillet, so it crisps quickly.

Duck sausage

Duck Sausage

Tasty duck sausage patties make any breakfast special. Adjust the spices to make it more mild or even spicier!

Duck fat roasted potatoes

Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes go from ordinary to extraordinary when roasting them in duck fat.