Duck meatballs
Duck Meatballs
Delicious savory meatballs made with ground duck that can pair with a variety of sauces. Perfect for gatherings or a quick dinner.


Looking for recipe ideas for Duck? Explore a world of flavors here! Find the perfect recipe below and embrace your inner chef. Get creative in the kitchen and explore dishes from chefs all over the world. With recipes ranging from beginner to expert, there is a dish for everyone.

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Instapot Whole Duck

Instant Pot Duck

Short on time? Try Duck in the Instant Pot! In less an hour you can create a juicy and tender whole duck with delicious sides.

Pulled duck ciabatta sandwich

Pulled Duck Ciabatta Sandwich

Pulled duck and Gouda cheese topped with a tangy Arugula mix and apple chips on a toasted Ciabatta roll.

Duck with black bean and sweet corn salsa

Duck with Black Bean and Sweet Corn Salsa

Easy to assemble, this salsa with roast half duck is great for a party or a game-day snack.

Duck and Noodles

Duck & Noodles

Try out John Tucker's famous Duck & Noodles recipe! Cooked in the Tucker family kitchen for years, this recipe substitutes duck for chicken in a classic savory brothy noodle soup.

Duck puppies with sorghum bourbon glaze

Duck Puppies with Sorghum Bourbon Glaze

Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Rich Carter, Catering Works, Raleigh, NC