Duck meatballs
Duck Meatballs
Delicious savory meatballs made with ground duck that can pair with a variety of sauces. Perfect for gatherings or a quick dinner.


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Hardwood smoked duck and pasta

Hardwood Smoked Duck and Pasta

A pasta dish enhanced by the flavor of smoked duck, the Hardwood Smoked Duck and Pasta recipe is a great way to explore a new taste with a bit of familiarity. Easy to make, this dish paired with a glass of wine is perfect for dinner with friends and family!

Braised duck tacos with summer cherry bbq sauce

Braised Duck Tacos with Summer Cherry BBQ Sauce

Tender duck is braised in a rich red wine sauce with cherries for delicious tacos.

Garlic duck fat mashed potatoes

Garlic Duck Fat Mashed Potatoes

These rich, garlic-infused potatoes can be made 24 hours in advance and served with a variety of main dishes.

Duck al pastor tacos

Duck Al Pastor Tacos

Finalist 2015 Chef Recipe Contest, Sr. Corporate Chef Eric Stein, Newly Weds Foods, Chicago, IL