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Duck and Noodles

Duck & Noodles

Try out John Tucker's famous Duck & Noodles recipe! Cooked in the Tucker family kitchen for years, this recipe substitutes duck for chicken in a classic savory brothy noodle soup.

Jalapeno duck burgers

Jalapeno Duck Burgers

Try a jalapeño- and onion-infused patty for a moist, flavorful summer entrée. Serve with spicy mango salsa on the side or add to the top of your burger.

Crockpot Whole Duck

Crock Pot Duck

Easy dinner prep Duck! Tender Carrots, potatoes and wild rice make this dish a hearty meal option topped with slow cooked juicy duck.

Eggs benedict with duck bacon

Eggs Benedict with Duck Bacon

Make any brunch special with this updated take on traditional Eggs Benedict