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Bistro duck breasts

Bistro Duck Breasts

Recommended side dishes: couscous and butter braised baby carrots

Duck confit

Duck Confit

Confit is the time-honored French tradition of cooking meat slowly in its own fat until meltingly tender. This recipe uses classic confit seasonings. Modify the spices to add your own flavor.

Duck under a brick

Duck Under a Brick

This method reduces cooking time by spatchcocking or butterflying a whole duck and then weighing it down with bricks. This ensures more skin contact with the skillet, so it crisps quickly.

Tuscan style stuffed duck breasts

Tuscan Style Stuffed Duck Breasts (Ducketta)

Ducketta is a variation of the classic Tuscan-style Italian porchetta dish. The fresh herbs, garlic and robust Parmesan are a perfect complement to the rich flavor of duck breast.

Peruvian duck ceviche

Peruvian Duck Ceviche

Second Place 2014 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Dennis Chan, Blue Bamboo, Jacksonville, FL

Pear and ginger tea duck breast on sweet potato waffle with duck confit slaw

Pear & Ginger Tea Duck Breast on Sweet Potato Waffle with Duck Confit Slaw

Grand Prize 2015 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Jacques Wilson, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA