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Duck poblano jalapeno chili sausage on sweet potato waffles

Duck Poblano-Jalapeno Chili Sausage on Sweet Potato Waffles with Mango Pepper Relish

Student Grand Prize 2017 Chef Recipe Contest, Laurie Hartfelder, Nashville State Community College, Nashville, TN

Duck hash

Duck Hash

Great for breakfast or brunch!

Confit duck salad with gaufrette potato crisps

Confit Duck Salad with Gaufrette Potato Crisps

1999 Grand Prize Winner, MLF Recipe Contest, Chef Paul Beppler

Savory duck stuffed baked apples with walnut herb rice

Savory Duck-Stuffed Baked Apples with Walnut Herb Rice

2010 Video Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner, Melissa Scheer

Duck burgers

Duck Burgers

Great on the grill!