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Spiced duck pot pie

Spiced Duck Pot Pie

Dare to mix things up with a duck pot pie filled with Thanksgiving flavors. Serve as a single dish or use small, individual crocks.

Jerk duck and mango salsa lotus root sliders

Jerk Duck and Mango Salsa Lotus Root Sliders

Try this easy, tropical twist on sliders with spicy jerk duck leg meat and sweet mango salsa.

Detroit duck

Detroit Duck

This hearty duck dish is cooked in a Dutch oven and features rich flavors.

Smoky double duck blt stack

Smoky Double-Duck BLT Stack

This playful take on BLT flavors features both ground duck and duck bacon in fennel and basil seasoned duck meatloaf stacks, topped with fresh avocado slices and a basil/balsamic tomato-bacon salsa.