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Duck with rasberries

Duck with Raspberries

This colorful dish with fresh raspberries and aromatic herbs can be prepped up to two days in advance, then finished day-of for a meal or special event.

Grilled rosemary duck breast sandwich with onion marmalade

Grilled Rosemary Duck Breast Sandwiches with Onion Marmalade

Great for a garden party or outdoor gathering.

Roast duck with green peppercorn sauce

Roast Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Tangy Dijon mustard and flavorful peppercorns spice up duck for a weeknight meal.

Bbq crockpot duck

BBQ Crock Pot Duck

So easy to make right in your slow cooker!

Duck poblano jalapeno chili sausage on sweet potato waffles

Duck Poblano-Jalapeno Chili Sausage on Sweet Potato Waffles with Mango Pepper Relish

Student Grand Prize 2017 Chef Recipe Contest, Laurie Hartfelder, Nashville State Community College, Nashville, TN