Chef Chamberlain 10000th duck

Michigan Restaurant Serves 10,000th Duck Dish

POSTED: 09/05/2020

Blu restaurant in Glen Arbor, Michigan, recently served up its 10,000th signature duck confit dish made with Maple Leaf Farms duck legs. Chef and owner Randy Chamberlain spent 20 years learning how to perfectly confit duck prior to putting it on the menu at his restaurant.

“As I was learning how to do it over the 20 years previous to Blu, I was eating a lot of other duck that other people were making and I wasn’t happy with it,” said Chamberlain in a 9&10 News article. “So I was on a quest to perfect it. When we started Blu I knew I had perfected it. People were crazy about it and it became that thing that I could not take off.”

As the duck confit became increasingly popular, Chamberlain decided to issue serial cards with each dish to track how many plates of it were sold. The lucky customer who ordered the 10,000th duck dish happened to be a grandson of one of Chamberlain’s old friends, making the milestone even more memorable. Maple Leaf Farms provided Blu with a duck down blanket as the prize for the 10,000th order, as well as an additional blanket for Chamberlain.

Pictured: Chef Randy Chamberlain (left) serves his signature duck confit to Franz Berlacher III, the lucky customer who purchased Blu’s 10,000th duck dish.