North African Duck Tenders

Maple Leaf Farms Launches New Seasoned Duck Tenders for Foodservice

POSTED: 02/15/2019

As ethnic flavors continue to spice up restaurant menus in 2019, Maple Leaf Farms is introducing two authentically seasoned gourmet marinated duck tenders to the foodservice market.

The new seasoned duck tenders are available in two on-trend flavors: spicy North African with chili peppers and curry-based Southeast Asian.

According to a recent article in Food Ingredients First, Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association's Research and Knowledge Group, said that these flavors are influencing the restaurant industry.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in North and West African cuisine as well as Israeli and Thai foods and beverages. Perhaps it’s because so many Americans have come here from different parts of the globe and have brought those flavors here to meld and mix with the newer tastes we’ve adopted here.”

The flavor profile for the North African tenders was developed with input from Maple Leaf Farms International Marketing Manager Hamza Rouached, who is from Tunisia.

“The North African tenders are a great representation of authentic regional flavors,” said Rouached. “The product has just the right amount of spice to appeal to a wider American audience.”

Both the North African Duck Tenders and the Southeast Asian Duck Tenders were tested with several industry chefs prior to launch. The flavor profiles, ease of use and versatility are what appealed most to them.

“I really enjoyed this product!” said Todd Downs, an award-winning chef and 40-year industry veteran. “Just enough heat, authentic flavor profile and I liked the size and ease of cooking.”

The seasoned duck tenders come in 10-pound cases, each with five two-pound bags. The products come frozen for convenience. Once thawed, the seasoned tenders will cook in just minutes and are perfect for wraps, stir-fry or topping grain bowls.

Southeast Asian Duck Tenders