Duck, Down & Above Drop Off Site for Fellowship Missions Donation Drive

POSTED: 06/01/2022

Duck, Down and Above served as a drop off point for a donation drive benefitting Fellowship Missions, a Warsaw-area charity that focuses on homelessness and addiction recovery.

The drive, which ended May 31, was coordinated by the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce's Young Adult Professionals (YAP) group. The group hoped to collect a variety of new bedding, personal hygiene and clothing items on Fellowship Missions' shelter and personal needs list.

At the end of the donation drive, YAP collected 175 pillows and 160 sets of sheets which members of YAP dropped off at Fellowship Missions. Maple Leaf Farms was one of the 20 drop off sites.

Maple Leaf Farms Brand Marketing Manager Olivia Tucker, seen on the far right in the picture above, serves on YAP's steering committee.

If you are still looking to donate to Fellowship Missions' you can visit their website for more information.