Chef Steve Oakley

Chef's Table Webinar features Chef Oakley

POSTED: 08/20/2020

Duck Marketing recently held its second Operation Operator webinar for the foodservice industry. This webinar featured a behind-the-scenes look at the kitchen at Oakleys Bistro in Indianapolis and duck cooking tips from chef/owner Steven Oakley.

Marketing Manager Olivia Tucker was on hand to capture Chef Oakley's tips for introducing duck to guests. He also shared some insight on cooking duck. Chef Oakley encouraged foodservice operators to take a look at Maple Leaf Farms duck products in terms of cost savings, ease of serving at banquets and the advantages of our ready-made duck appetizers.

Chef Oakley named several of Maple Leaf Farms duck products that he works with and said his favorite is the duck breast because of its consistency in sizing and flavor. He went on to discuss roast half duck, duck livers and duck cracklins, then showed how to prepare a duck breast.

One unique thing that he tells his chefs is to make 21 cuts when scoring the duck breast skin -- that way they have something to shoot for. He finished up by showing different ways of serving duck breast like fanning it on a plate or preparing it on skewers.

Watch the webinar video with Chef Oakley and Tucker below.