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Interviews & Orientation

Find information on where to go for our interview and orientation processes along with required documents needed for orientation.

After applying online, please attend our walk-in open interviews Mon-Fri from 8am- 4:30pm at our Milford location at 9166 N 200 E, Milford or at our HR office in Fort Wayne Mon-Fri from 8am-4:30pm at 208 East Pettit, Fort Wayne.

Orientation map

1. Park in front of the HR building indicated by the yellow rectangle.

2. Before entering, cross the road to the white trailer, labeled “COVID-19 Testing” on the map. Then enter on the left side of the trailer to have your temperature taken and to receive a ticket.

3. You will exit the trailer and return to the front HR office door next to the indicated parking lot.

4. Finally, ring the doorbell next to the door, and an HR employee will come greet you!

New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation occurs from approximately 7:15AM – 2pm. Please bring the following information to orientation:

Employment Eligibility Documents (Documentos Para Verificar Elegibilidad De Empleo)

List of Acceptable Documents - New hires must bring one List A document or a combination of one List B and one List C document. *Only original documents, no copies will be accepted. (*Solo documentos originales, copias no serán aceptadas.)

Please visit the following website for a full guide on document List types:

Direct Deposit Information - Mandatory (Informacion para deposito directo - Obligatorio)

  • Voided Check (Cheque cancelado)
  • Bank Letterhead with account number and routing number (Número de cuenta y numero de ruta en una hoja con el logotipo del banco)

Beneficiary Information (Informacion de Beneficiario)

  • Names (Nombres)
  • Social Security Number or each potential beneficiary (Número de seguro social de cada posible beneficiario)
  • Date of Birth (Fecha de nacimiento)
  • Address (Dirección)
  1. Lunch/Snacks (Almuerzo/Bocadillo)
  2. Lock for Locker *required first day to immediately lock your locker. (Candado para su casillero *requerido el primer dia para imediatamente cerrar su casillero.)
  3. Appropriate attire for work after orientation *First Shift Only (Atuendo adecuado para trabajar después de su orientación) *1er Turno Solamente

*Note: In case of inclement weather, please call 1(855)658-2288 to verify we will be having New Hire Orientation. Individuals who fail to bring any required document or information will have to reschedule their orientation.

*Note: En caso de tiempo inclemente, por favor llame al 1(855)658-2288 para verificar que si tendremos Orientación de Nuevos Empleados. Individuos que fallen en traer los documentos o información requerida tendrán que cambiar su fecha de orientación.