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Learn all about duck on our blog from duck meat and its health benefits to trying new recipes and learning about the farm to fork process.

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Local Meat Farms for Quality Poultry

Now more than ever, consumers want to know where their food is coming from. Here at Maple Leaf Farms, we offer a clear picture of our farm to fork process so you can serve our products with confidence.


Your Choice Source for Duck

There are a number of purveyors of duck to choose from, but what makes Maple Leaf Farms the choice source? Take a look at how Maple Leaf Farms stacks up against the rest.


Bringing Sustainability Into The Kitchen with Maple Leaf Farms Duck

Through the Maple Leaf Farms Trident Stewardship and Corporate Sustainability Programs, our company fulfills our commitment to using farming practices that help conserve natural resources and produce foods with less energy, water and waste. Take a look at a brief overview of how we have reduced our environmental impact in the past few years.


Is Grass-Fed Meat Really the Better Protein Choice?

At Maple Leaf Farms we fully appreciate that producing safe, nutritious duck in socially responsible manner is a complex balancing act. Not only do we need to focus on taking good care of our animals and the environment, but we also strive to care for our people and our communities.


Understanding Barn Raised Poultry and Ethical Agriculture

There are a lot of different claims made on poultry packaging, making it difficult for conscientious consumers to understand what you are purchasing sometimes. To help you break through some of the misconceptions and misinformation that is out there, here is an explanation of the most common labeling claims you may see on poultry products.