Boneless Duck Breast, Skin On plated

The Roast Duck Breast That You'll Make Over and Over

POSTED: 06/22/2022

Are you looking for simple yet delicious roasted duck to add the finishing touch to a meal? Look no further than our Roasted Garlic Duck Breast! Simply seasoned, this product is a tasty choice to help create the best version of your favorite dishes. Seasoned with sea salt and garlic and more, the flavor of this duck breast blends perfectly with a variety of cuisines. To see how to cook this duck breast to perfection, check out our chef's cooking instructions on our website.

Cooking Tips

Cooking duck can seem intimidating the first time, but we are here to show you how easy it is to make duck dishes! We can help you discover endless possibilities of how to cook and serve our duck products. Here are a couple of our most basic tips:

  • Score the Skin – For leaner, crispy skin, make sure you score the skin and render the fat as your first step in preparing a perfect duck breast.
  • Finish Roasting in the Oven - After searing the duck breast, roast it in the oven to amplify the flavor.

Recipe Ideas

If you are interested in roasting duck breast but need some menu inspiration, check out these recipes:

Steakhouse Duck Dinner

An all-American steakhouse-style dinner featuring duck breast topped with a strawberry-cilantro reduction paired with a loaded duck fat potato and duck fat roasted green beans on the side. This delicious duck dinner brings delicious savory flavors all around. Pan sear or grill our duck breast to bring out the flavors of this savory and sweet sauce. Then coat these delicious sides in duck fat and roast. Pair this dish with a Pinot Noir from Napa for a classic duck and wine pairing.

Duck Wellington

Duck Wellington is a new take on a classic dish! Our Duck Wellington recipe is a great way to try roasted duck breast in a well-known recipe. Featuring duck breast surrounded by a thin layer of a mushroom mixture and encased in a puff pastry, this dish is a perfect dinner for two.

Duck Carnival

Duck Carnival is the perfect meal for someone who wants a dish that is packed with rich taste of duck. With the use of duck breast, duck fat and duck cracklings, this dish shows the diversity in the flavors of duck. Not only is the duck meat used as the main entrée, but it is used to enhance the overall flavor of the dish and as a garnish, making it perfect for a dinner party!

Roasted Duck on Crispy Rice Cake with Spicy Mango Chutney

The Roasted Duck on Crispy Rice Cake with Spicy Mango Chutney is a great appetizer to start off any gathering. With a mango chutney topping off sliced roasted duck breast that has been seasoned to perfection, this dish is a savory treat before the main course.

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