Five spice duck legs with warm pickled fennel cherries and persimmons

The Crispy Duck Legs Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

POSTED: 07/09/2022

Duck legs are an easy but slow process to cook but the wait is worth it! There are many different ways to prepare duck legs and there are many different dishes to put them in. One popular way to make duck legs is to prepare them with a crispy layer on the outside which adds extra flavor and texture to the dish and leaves the meat on the inside tender to the point it almost melts in your mouth.

With an assortment of delicious flavors that come from the duck leg, there is no limit on what dishes you are able to create with them. These four recipes are just a few examples of Crispy Duck Leg recipes you are able to construct in your kitchen.

One of our favorite fancy dishes is the Five-Spice Duck Legs with Warm Pickled Fennel, Cherries and Persimmons, Persimmon Gel and Chrysanthemum Jus. An intricate dish made with a wide array of ingredients; this recipe takes around two days to prepare. When the dish is finally finished and plated with its garnish, the end result will never disappoint. All of the flavors come together in perfect harmony. The hint of herbal and floral flavor matches perfectly with the spiced duck legs.

Another dish that is just as full of flavor as the Five-Spice Duck Legs, the Duck Cassoulet is a hearty blend of duck confit, duck bacon, pancetta and sausage over flageolet beans mixed with onion and garlic. With three different types of meat, this cassoulet is perfect for the person who loves a more meat focused meal. This is a classic duck favorite made for easy preparation at home. It is a great recipe for holidays and special occasions.

Duck Schnitzel with Honey Mustard Pretzel Spaetzle, Creamed Brussels Sprouts and Beurre Noisette is a perfect dish for the entire family. If you have a picky eater in the family, you can pair the schnitzel and spaetzle with however much or little of the sides you want to create a dish that everyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a meal for the kids table, this is a perfect recipe for the little ones!

Buttermilk Biscuits and Duck Gravy is the perfect dish for an upgraded version of regular biscuits and gravy. This recipe calls for the meat of the leg, the skin of the leg and the fat of the leg. Each part is used to create the final dish. The skin is cooked off the leg for a crispy garnish on top of the gravy made from duck fat and shredded duck meat. Enjoy the elevated taste that is brought into this dish with duck!

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