Roast Duck Recipes That the Whole Family Will Love

POSTED: 06/29/2022

Searching for a meal your entire family will enjoy? Look no further than these delicious duck recipes that kids and adults alike will love! From classic dishes for a family dinner to quick snacks for when you're on the go, Maple Leaf Farms has a wide variety of duck recipes to choose from.

Easy Weeknight Roast Duck

Roast Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce is a great weeknight meal for the entire family. Easy to make, this recipe is a great option for a dinner that offers a little bit more spice thanks to the tangy Dijon mustard and flavorful peppercorns. Serve with a glass of wine for the adults and a glass of pomegranate juice for the kids to add the finishing touches to this meal.

Classic Kid-Friendly Duck Brats in a Blanket

Featuring savory duck brats wrapped in cheddar cheese and flaky pastry dough, this appetizer is a great introduction to duck. Easy and quick, this recipe only uses five ingredients making it a great option for friendly gatherings or a quick snack for the kids. Duck Brats in a Blanket pairs perfectly with a dry red like a Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

Quick Quack Snacks

Need a quick appetizer? Try one of #CookingwithLiv's favorite snacks! Quack Snacks are simple, easy and delicious! Ground duck sausage, cheese, milk and biscuit mix are all you need to make these tasty snacks.

Roast Duck Pasta

Everyone loves pasta! That is what makes the Roast Duck Pasta recipe a great option for family and friends to enjoy! The ale’s balanced flavor of malt and bitterness melds nicely with the savory duck making this a can’t miss dish that will impress your guests.

Simple Duck Tacos

Shredded Duck Tacos are a simple and satisfying dish to turn to after a long day of work and school. Ready in 30 minutes, this meal is sure to satisfy everyone. It features the rich flavor of shredded duck seasoned with a blend of mouthwatering spices. Garnish with any topping that suits your taste, and you will have a delicious meal in no time.

Duck for Breakfast with Duck Hash

Duck Hash is great for both breakfast and brunch! If you are looking to take breakfast to the next level, follow this recipe and discover a new version of a classic dish. Ground duck meat, duck leg confit or roast half duck work well in this recipe. Add a side of eggs, toast or any other breakfast side to enhance the flavor of an already wonderful dish. Pair this meal with a glass of orange juice or a mimosa for a delicious meal.

Cheesy Duck Nachos

Easy to share and something the whole family will love, Duck Nachos are an easy snack or appetizer to make with shredded roast half duck meat. With less than 10 ingredients, this is a great dish to make for a family game night or get together with friends. With the base of melted cheese and shredded duck on tortillas, you can pick and choose which toppings you want to put on these nachos.

Duck is the perfect protein to help you beat family meal boredom this summer. It is versatile and easy to cook, making it a great addition to your favorite dish or a good option for a new culinary adventure.

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