Single duck leg on cutting board

Not All Duck Legs are Created Equal

POSTED: 05/21/2022

Duck legs are a wonderful dish when cooked low and slow. Braised or roasted; prepared confit or sous vide, duck legs are a tender, flavorful meat that works well in a variety of cuisines. Want to experience the wonderfully crisp skin that duck is famous for? Simply finish cooking them at a higher temperature in the oven or on the grill.

When purchasing duck legs, do your homework on the differences between duck breeds and make sure you purchase a variety that best suits your recipe and taste preferences. Pekin duck legs like those offered by Maple Leaf Farms have a mild flavor and leaner texture that is preferred by most diners. Muscovy or Moulard duck tends to have a stronger, gamier flavor and can sometimes be greasier, making it less palatable for some consumers.

Be sure to also choose a brand like Maple Leaf Farms that is known for its high quality. Our USDA Grade A duck passes visual inspection and meets rigorous quality standards to ensure there are no defects like bruising or feathers that can detract from the appearance or presentation.

You can also be confident in the quality of Maple Leaf Farms products because of the certifications we earn throughout our farm to fork process. Through our Trident Stewardship Program, our operations are third-party audited by a Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) professional. Plus, we handcraft our duck feed in our own feed mill, which has earned Safe Feed/Safe Food certifications by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). Our food processing plants also earn high ratings through annual Global Food Safety Initiative audits.

Maple Leaf Farms can also help you plan a menu or find a duck leg recipe for any meal or occasion that you are planning with our expert cooking tips and instructional cooking videos. Still have questions about how to prepare duck legs or our farm to fork process? Check out our FAQs.