Duck Confit Cassoulet

France Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

POSTED: 04/20/2022

Travel to France with famous French Duck recipes & delicious French wine pairings!

France is a culinary epicenter for both Duck & Wine. Recipes such as Duck Confit, Duck Cassoulet, and Duck a l 'Orange have been famous staple dishes in French cuisine for decades. France has a plethora of wonderful wines that pair perfectly with these famous duck dishes. Follow along as we #ExploreDuckandWine in France on our Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok.

Roast Half Duck al Orange

Duck a l'Orange

This Duck recipe may be France's most famous. Duck a l'Orange blends fresh orange and savory flavors for a delicious and timeless duck dish. Try this recipe with our Whole Duck or our Roast Half Duck. This recipe pairs wonderfully with a French Pinot Noir.



Take your tastebuds to France with this take on Escargot with a Duck twist! Delicious crispy Duck Breast bites nestled in garlic parsley butter with puff pastry on top. Duckcargot pair perfectly with a French Pinot Noir. Find this recipe on #CookingWithLiv!

Baked duck breast with champagne pear sauce

Duck Breast with Champagne Sauce

We can't visit France without a Champagne pairing! Try this crispy Duck Breast topped with a delicious sauce made from pears, citrus fruits and champagne. Pair this recipe with a French Brut Champagne.

Duck Confit Legs

Duck Confit

Tender, fall-off-the-bone homemade Duck Confit Legs in just 6 hours! Our Duck Legs are cooked in delicious Duck Fat low and slow to make this classic French dish. Pair with a French Bordeaux to maximize the flavor. Check out #CookingWithLiv for a video of this recipe!

Duck Confit Cassoulet

Duck Cassoulet

Another famous duck dish from France! This Duck Cassoulet recipe combines hearty blend of Duck Confit, Duck Bacon, pancetta and sausage over flageolet beans with lots of onion and garlic. Pair with a French Syrah to bring out the rich flavors of this decadent dish.