Duck couscous

Africa Duck & Wine Pairing Guide

POSTED: 05/06/2022

Let us take you on a safari through Africa with traditional African ingredients and recipes paired with wines from South Africa.

Our Africa Recipes highlight classic regional ingredients such as cous cous, peppers, curry, chutney, preserved fruits and more . We also add duck to famous African dishes such as Peri Peri and South Africa's National Dish, Bobotie. This guide also features delicious wine pairings from the beautiful wineries of South Africa.

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Peri Peri Duck Wings

Peri Peri Duck Wings

Explore Africa with Peri Peri Duck wings made with delectable spices, peppers, onions, garlic and fresh herbs. A delicious Peri Peri sauce is blended smoothly then tops our crispy Duck Wings. This recipe brings the heat! Cool off with a Chenin Blanc wine pairing from South Africa. Find this recipe on #CookingWithLiv!

Duck couscous

Duck Couscous

Originated in Morocco & Algeria, Couscous is a frequently used grain in Northern Africa. Our Duck Breast tops couscous with feta cheese, lemon juice, olives, mango chutney, pine nuts and more to make this delicious sweet and spicy dish. This recipe pairs well with a crisp South African Semillon Blend.

Duck Bobatie

South African Duck Casserole (Bobotie)

South Africa's national dish, Bobotie, takes on Duck! This delicious bake includes a sweet and savory mix of Ground Duck, onion chutney, curry, and garlic topped with an egg and milk-soaked bread crust. Pair this exquisite casserole with a Pinotage from South Africa. The sweet and savory flavors and duck pair wonderfully with this Pinot Noir based wine. Check out #CookingWithLiv for a video of this recipe!

Duck with preserved lemons and olives

Duck with Preserved Lemons and Olives

Preserved lemons and olives are used bountifully in North African cuisine, especially in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. In this dish our Duck Breast is paired with these two ingredients along with garlic, onions, saffron, turmeric, garlic, ginger and fresh herbs. This recipe is perfect for large crowds or catering. The preserved lemons and duck pair great with a Rich Chenin Blanc from South Africa.