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Serving Home Chefs
Whether you want to wow guests at your next dinner party or simply put something new on the table, duck is the answer you’re looking for.

Spice Up Your Next Meal

What’s for dinner?

If you dread that question, Maple Leaf Farms is here to help. Our premium duck helps you break out of that mealtime rut. Your family will love the red meat flavor. You’ll love how easy the whole process is. From buying to cooking, everything you’ll need is right here.

What Kind Of Meals Can I Make?

Duck is a versatile meat. And we offer a long list of recipes to prove it. Here are a few of our favorites to help get you started:

Breaded Duck Parmesan Tenders Over Pasta
Ground Duck Street Taco

Recipes for Sides & Appetizers

You’ll also find sides and appetizers that make a great addition to any meal:
Breaded Duck Tenders
Boneless duck breast 3
"While I love duck confit as much as the next guy, it’s not the simplest recipe to whip up after a long day (...of working from home). However, the opposite can be said for a duck breast, especially one of high quality (I source mine from Maple Leaf Farms): Besides salt and freshly-ground black pepper, all you need is an oven-safe skillet and you’re well on your way to creating an easy, healthy, and outrageously delicious entree."
The Lunch Belle

How Do I Cook Duck?

Cooking duck is easier than you think. But to give you that extra boost of confidence, you have access to our library of instructional videos.

If you prefer a more minimal approach, we offer several delicious options that are fully cooked, including our Roast Half Duck and Pulled Duck Leg.

What Does Duck Taste Like?

In a way, duck is both poultry and red meat. Ducks are obviously members of the bird family, but the meat itself has similarities to beef. Both are high in iron as well as other essential nutrients. This is what gives duck the taste and color of red meat.

Duck also offers a variety of health benefits.

Pulled Duck Leg Meat Poutine

Our skinless duck breast has fewer calories on average than both chicken & turkey breast and is significantly lower in calories than beef or pork.


Despite its rich taste, on average, duck has less than half the fat that beef and pork do per serving and contains less fat than most other poultry.


We have grown our ducks to be leaner in fat and higher in protein than the average duck due to our selective breeding practices.


Duck fat is the closest animal fat in nutrients to olive oil. Duck fat is made up of mainly monounsaturated healthy fats that help lower LDL cholesterol.


Maple Leaf Farms provides your family with a true farm to fork meal. And the only way to do that right is to pay attention to all the details. From the hatchery to your home, we are intentional about every step.

The Maple Leaf Farms difference isn’t just in the process. It’s also in the ducks themselves. Along with only offering White Pekin Duck, our flocks stand out for several reasons:

  • They are raised on family farms in a cage-free environment

  • They are never given growth-promoting antibiotics

  • They offer you 30% more meat than other duck brands

Where Can I Buy Duck?

You can find Maple Leaf Farms duck at your local store or delivered right to your door. The choice is up to you.


Here are a few of our most popular questions home chefs like you are asking.

All of our ducks are raised in Northern Indiana on family farms. A majority of our farmers are Amish. All of our farmers follow our strict Trident Stewardship humane guidelines to ensure our ducks are being treated responsibly and raised in the best environment possible. All farms are routinely checked, to ensure farmers are following our guidelines, and each farm is given an in depth audit every other year.

NO – We never have, and we never will. Hormones are illegal to give to poultry in the United States. We do not use hormones or any other steroid growth promotants to produce our ducks or duck feed. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has banned the use of hormones in raising poultry (chickens, turkeys, duck, and other fowl) since the 1950s.

NEVER for growth promotion. Our licensed veterinarians prescribe antibiotics only to treat sickness. We believe it is the humane thing to do to ensure our ducks are as happy and healthy as possible. Antibiotics are NEVER used for growth purposes. When prescribed for illness, we adhere to a withdraw period prior to processing.

Our ducks eat an all-natural diet of corn, wheat and soybeans and other essential vitamins and minerals. We buy the corn and soy used in our duck feeds from local farmers. Our ducks are not fed antibiotics, hormones, steroids, animal proteins or any growth promotants.

All of our ducks are raised in climate controlled barns with windows that have access to the outside air. We do not raise our ducks in a free range or open water environment because they are at great risk for predators. We also want to ensure they eat and drink the healthiest food & water possible, and they will forage anything they find outside on the ground. Ducks are also much more likely to catch diseases outside, especially in large pools of water. Additionally, during the harsh Indiana winters, we do not want the ducks exposed to extreme weather conditions. We want protect our ducks from all of these threats to ensure they are as happy and as healthy as they can be.