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Serving Food Distributors
Getting the right products in the right hands isn’t easy. But by partnering with Maple Leaf Farms, you have access to a wide inventory and support along the way.

What Products Does Maple Leaf Farms Offer?

We offer a variety of delicious, farm to fork products. With options including whole duck, Halal, appetizers, fully cooked, and so much more, chances are your customers will fall in love with something from Maple Leaf Farms.

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As a distributor, you also get access to several products exclusively available to our foodservice line, including our Sous Vide Duck Breast and Duck Bratwurst.

Will I Receive In-Person Support?

Definitely. The Maple Leaf Farms sales staff visits customers nationwide to go on sales calls and show support. We’re right there with you.

Our sales team can assist with product presentations, cooking demos, sales rep training, promotional support, assistance with events like duck & wine pairings, menu ideation with local chefs, pricing from local markets, etc.

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What Makes Maple Leaf Farms Special?

If the delicious flavor alone isn’t enough, there’s plenty to love about Maple Leaf Farms. Here are just a few reasons we are your top source for duck:

Duck Barn
Humanely Raised

Our company’s Trident Stewardship Program assures that our family farms meet important animal care and environmental management standards.

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Healthy duck breast
Sustainably Focused

From the farm to the processing facility to our own community, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Breeder ducks
Continually Improved

Maple Leaf Farms works with veterinarians, animal scientists and environmental specialists to advance our animal care and environmental management practices.

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White pekin ducks
Maple Leaf Farms is a family business that benefits both the family and its employees. We will continue to benefit from building our competencies into world-class leadership positions and to pursue the development of new business opportunities.

Will I Get Sales Materials?

Absolutely. No matter where you work, we want to ensure you feel equipped to succeed.

By creating your Maple Leaf Farms distributor account, you get access to our:

  • Sales materials

  • In-depth training presentations

  • Seasonal promotions

  • Retail product line

  • Foodservice product line

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How Can I Get Started?

Partner with Maple Leaf Farms, to gain access to a wide inventory and support along the way!


Here are a few of our most popular questions food distributors like you are asking.

Maple Leaf Farms will ship direct to your warehouse for orders with 300 cases or more. We offer direct shipping in special cases for smaller orders as well. Contact our customer service or sales team for more information.

Maple Leaf Farms asks for 7 days lead time for orders. After the past few years of labor and supply challenges with the pandemic, we are requiring a few days extra lead time to build orders and better manage our inventory.

We raise the White Pekin duck breed only. We do not raise Muscovy or Moulard for Foie Gras. We do not produce foie gras, as we believe it goes against the core principles of animal well being in our Trident Stewardship program. Our White Pekin ducks originate from the original Long Island Pekin ducks brought over to the US from China in the 1800s.

All of our ducks are raised in Northern Indiana on family farms. A majority of our farmers are Amish. All of our farmers follow our strict Trident Stewardship humane guidelines to ensure our ducks are being treated responsibly and raised in the best environment possible. All farms are routinely checked, to ensure farmers are following our guidelines, and each farm is given an in depth audit every other year.

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