Product Packaging Information

UPC Code

There is no UPC Code on whole body ducks. All other products carry this 10-digit code below the product bar code.
UPC Please provide the middle 10 numbers.




Lot Code / Sell By Date / Best If Used By Date

The lot code (4-digit Julian date), sell by date or best if used by date is stamped or embossed on our product packaging.

Below are examples of where you can find these codes on our various products:
Lot Code Whole Body Ducks - The lot code or best if used by date is stamped in black ink on the side of the bag underneath the weight. The lot code is the first four numbers of an eight-digit code. Some ducks may also be labeled with a bar code sticker containing a best if used by date. Fresh ducks will be labeled with a sell by date.



Other Retail Duck Products - The lot code is stamped in black ink on the inner packaging film or on a white sticker placed on the box.

Retail stores are responsible for marking the sell by date on refrigerated duck items.




How to Read a Julian Code

Many of our product codes use the Julian date method. A Julian date always has only four numbers. An example code might read 6278. The first number at the beginning of the code is the year, which would be 2016 in the example. The three numbers is the Julian day in the year the product was manufactured. For 2016, the 278the day was October 4th. A product with this example code was made on October 4, 2016. Another example code might be 0025. This Julian date would be January 25, 2010. If you see 0102, that would be April 12, 2010.




Plant Seal of Inspection

This seal of inspection identifies our plant code.