Truckload of Poultry Products Donated to Hurricane Relief
October 2017

Poultry truckloadFamily-owned Maple Leaf Farms responded to the recent calls for help for hurricane victims by sending a truckload of fully cooked poultry products to flood-ravaged southeastern Texas.

“As a food company, making a donation of easy-to-serve fully cooked products seemed like a natural way to help the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Co-President John Tucker. “To ensure that the products could be best utilized, we worked with a distribution partner from the Houston area to distribute the food to relief agencies.”

In all, the company contributed nearly 12,000 pounds or 50,000 portions to serve the needs of residents in the Houston area.

“Our family-owned company realizes that the recovery process for families impacted by the hurricanes will take time,” said Co-President Scott Tucker. “The need for easy-to-serve foods will remain for months to come, and we are happy our company could help sustain these relief efforts.”