Duck Sightings: Recent Media Mentions
May 2017

Below is a list of links to recent articles, restaurant reviews, recipes or blogs from April 2017 that mention Maple Leaf Farms duck.

Business People
The Journal Gazette announces Scott Reinholt as chief operating officer at Maple Leaf Farms, Inc.

Two Local Recipes Crowned Best Mac and Cheese
The best macaroni and cheese in Bloomington was crowned at the Return of the Mac Fest. Ivy Tech Culinary Program’s smoky bleu quack and cheese won the judge’s choice, and featured smoked duck donated by Maple Leaf Farms.

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast with Spiced Orange Mole
SCOTTSDALE recipes inspired by the rich southwestern spices of traditional mole and the juicy Arizona winter citrus, created this roasted duck breast.

Local News: Almost Home to Host Fundraiser for Area 30 Culinary Arts
Area 30 culinary students created an entree and an appetizer with pan-seared Maple Leaf Duck with shrimp sauteed in duck fat to win a cooking competition. Maple Leaf Farms supplied the duck for this competition.

Dining Out in New Orleans on Easter
New Orleans Restaurants features a review of local restaurant menus for Easter. Andrea’s is offering Maple Leaf Duck Breast Ponchatoula on its menu.

The Plan B version of duck confit is a 10
Chef-owner Lionel Lucas of Plan B Midtown restaurant prepares Maple Leaf Farms duck leg thigh air-dried for 12 hours, cured in salt and herbs for 24 hours, and then slow-cooked in duck fat for 15 hours.

How a Guest Chef Taught, Inspired, and Motivated Us - Club & Resort
The first guest chef dinner at Country Club features Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast as one of the courses.

Food Network Keeps Featuring Indy Chefs
The Indy Star notes that the Food Network continues to highlight Indy chefs, including Chef Oakley and Chef Guarnaschelli, who both staged cooking demonstrations at Indy's annual Fantastic Food Fest.